Trillium Hollow Cohousing

The Common House Team

The Common House Team

Our Team is responsible for the care and well-being of our Common House. We take pride in the services our Common House provides and the care we show this vital fixture of our Community. Not only is this the place where community business meetings are held, not just the place where meals are shared, it’s also a Community Hub. A place to focus our energies.

Our Common House began as a private residence of some 5000 square feet. It now houses our common kitchen and meeting facilities as well as three guest rooms and two children’s play rooms. There’s even a library!

The day-to-day tasks of the Common House Team include booking the guest rooms and ensuring that they are kept neat and clean. Although we encourage member hosts to clean up after their guests there’s still need to provide a last line of defense. We keep the house in good repair and plan upgrades such as painting, new carpeting and even a future remodel of our kitchen. It all takes time and attention to detail. Keeping up a big house is quite an undertaking!

Join us for a brief tour of our Common House

Common House You wouldn’t guess there’s a three story house in this picture, but there it is! The main entrance is at the top floor and it goes all the way down to the creek below. This is a custom designed home. It’s very solid and the Community and our Team are committed to keep it up to it’s original standard. There is a porch that wraps halfway around the house complete with a bridge over the creek three stories below.
When you enter the house you are immediately greeted by our main meeting/dining area. This is also where everyone in the Community comes to pick up their mail. The room is often used by the various Trillium Teams as their meeting spot as well as for the main community meeting. The luxurious carpeting has held up amazingly well to such high use and we’re always grateful for the many picture windows that bring us together with this wonderful property. Meeting Room
Pod Room This is our special “pod” room. It’s a cozy little place just off the main dining room that is truly among the trees. During warmer days it’s wonderfully relaxing to lay back on a couch, open the lower windows and just listen to the creek below. During meals the children often come to this room to play. It’s a very special part of the house and we became even more excited about it once we learned how to clean this outside of the windows without risking a 30 foot drop!
Our humble kitchen. Many a community meal has been prepared here. It works very well considering it was designed for use by a single family. Naturally we plan to upgrade it at some point to better suit our needs. In the meantime we have lots of storage space with a huge adjoining pantry. Kitchen
Guest Room While some of the Units at Trillium Hollow are quite large, none are as large as a comparable separate home. But few homes can accommodate as many guests as we can. There are three guest rooms. Pictured is the smallest, “Wren”. It sleeps two easily, but the others can sleep four or even six if necessary. In a pinch we can even convert one or both of the children’s play rooms for sleeping. There have been family gatherings of up to 20 overnight guests here quite comfortably. Try that in your current home!
At Trillium we value our children as much as any community. Truth be told there’s a practical side to our play rooms. When it’s time to have a meeting or we actually want to eat our meals in peace in the Common House we need some place to send the kids. And with kids of so many different ages we can’t send them all to the same place. That’s why we have two children’s play rooms. One of them is for “bouncing” and is called the “bouncy room” and the other (pictured here) is more for (relatively) quiet activities. Yes, there is a big bright play gym in there now, but it’s a multi-use room. Play Room
Fireplace Room Here we are on the lowest level of the house. This is the Fireplace Room. It holds our library and a collection of furniture that is quaintly “retro”. OK, it’s a basement and looks like something out of the 1970’s, but then again, perhaps it’s just waiting for your touch. This rooms directly overlooks the creek and stays nice and cool in the summer.

That’s the end of our tour. If there’s something you think we should add (or subtract) from this page please let one of us know. If it’s something glaring please contact the webmaster. Thanks for visiting our page.



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