Trillium Hollow Cohousing

The Landscape at Trillium Hollow

joanne_shed_smallThe Landscape at Trillium Hollow

What you will see as you walk around the 3.6 acres of property at Trillium Hollow is the result of our effort to use the principles of “naturescaping” in designing and planting the area.

A Naturescape is a landscape that contains mostly “native” plants, those that have evolved within an area, in contrast to more conventional landscaping which focuses on creating a certain look with the use of a variety of plants. You will notice that we have also included some of the historically favorite non-native shrubs and perennials.

The benefits of Naturescaping include the elimination of the need for chemical pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides so often used on more conventional landscapes. Native plantings, once established, reduce the need for water, thus conserving fresh water. Another important benefit is that this type of landscape promotes biodiversity and encourages wildlife.

We feel that this type of Landscape reflects our values here at Trillium Hollow. We hope you enjoy it as well.



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